How to eat like a local in Sri Lanka – Dive into the Sri Lankan cuisine 

Sri Lanka has long been a hotspot for travellers not only due to the stunning landscapes, rich cultural history, warm people but also because of the stunning island cuisine that awaits once you arrive. Over the years, many people have attempted to draw parallels between the cuisine of Sri Lanka with other regional cuisines, however, the reality is Sri Lanka offers a unique spectrum of dishes that are a delight for anyone on any day of the week. 

Get started by talking to the locals 

One of the easiest things to overlook is that the locals know best when it comes to finding a good place to eat. The reality is that while there will be plenty of fancy restaurants to eat at, the true delights of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine await in the local hole in the wall establishments that have over the years garnered the respect of the local communities to stay in business. 

So, when you are visiting Sri Lanka be ready to mingle with the community and you will be rewarded by learning about the best spots for a cup of tea or the ideal location to get some lunchtime rice packets. Either way, it will be a win-win scenario for any ardent traveller. 

Ask for the best dishes 

What is true about Sri Lanka is that its beauty lies in its regional nature. The hill country of Sri Lanka is likely where you will find some of the freshest vegetables while the coasts will bring to your dining table the most delicious lobster, crab and prawns. If you are looking at hotels in Dickoya be sure to check out the Farm Resorts which be an ideal location to get the full spectrum of Sri Lankan cuisine in a matter of days. 

The best part is the nation is small enough that travelling across regions takes very little time so you will be able to set off on a full-fledged culinary expedition if you so desired. The local markets at any given town or village on your travels are likely to contain an array of vegetables, fruits and seafood that are delectable so all you need to do is ask for the region and its specialities to build a foodie itinerary. 

Some of the dishes that you should take time to try is dosa, roti, Kottu roti and even the ever staple Kiri bath. 

Some dishes are only prepared during specific events and seasonal changes so are sure to keep your eye out for that. 

Eating with your hands 

For many people, one of the first things they need to accustom themselves to when visiting Sri Lanka is that the food is generally eaten with their fingers. To the uninitiated, this may seem out of the ordinary, but when you can get over the initial confusion, the reason for this will become abundantly clear. 

The basic approach is to use only your fingertips to pick together some of the curries and mix it with the rice until all the flavours are assimilated into a cohesive clump. This is then eaten and the burst of flavours from the mixture of a flavour will more than reassure you that this approach works quite well. 

Be ready for some spice 

Something that will also require some getting used to is the usage of spices, specifically, chilli in the preparation of meals in Sri Lanka. For those who are used to a milder palate it is recommended to ask where ever possible for a less spicy version of a dish or meal, however, if you are feeling up for the challenge, simply dive in and after a few days, your body should naturally adjust to the increase in spiciness and the heat sweats that typically follow. 

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