23 reasons to visit Sri Lanka – The best place to visit on Earth awaits 

Sri Lanka has long been heralded as a nation blessed with an abundance of wildlife and lush landscapes. This has been true for centuries and remains true to this day. To get a good understanding of why this is, it is important to look at what this stunning island has in store. 

Enjoy the wildlife 

This island is truly blessed when it comes to the range of wildlife that calls it home. From whales off the coast to the leopards and elephants that roam through its jungles, there are is nary a corner of the island that is devoid of wildlife. 

Additionally, at the Yala National Park, you will also get to witness the beauty of the endemic sloth bear as well. 

Feel the cricketing spirit 

Sri Lanka has also long been an island enamoured with cricket and much of its citizens are sure to tune into a game at least once a year. For those enthusiasts, going into the old colonial Dutch fort of Galle is an ideal way to check out the history but also even watch a match at the international cricket stadium located there. 

Dine on some crab 

Sri Lankan crab has garnered a reputation as some of the most delicious in the world. As much Sri Lanka is home at the ministry of crab. This is somewhat in jest as it is a restaurant that has opened up with the helping hand of two famous cricketers and an enterprising chef. What is more, the restaurant has been able to uphold such a high standard that it has been voted as one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. 

Explore ancient caves 

The history of Sri Lanka has deep roots in religion which can be seen in the remnants of ancient kingdoms as well as the temples that still survive to this day. A location of particular renown is the rock temple that is referred to as the Dambulla Buddha caves and is filled with various frescoes and Buddha statues. 

The view from a train 

The train rides of Sri Lanka are well known for the stunning vistas they allow access to. With the most popular trains taking their time to make their way through weaving mountains, there is no doubt that the view you see out of your window is unmatched in beauty. 

Enjoy the food 

Sri Lankan cuisine is born out of the land, with much of the ingredients being pulled from the earth, ocean, or plucked from a tree. With plenty of curries, roti’s and desserts, it is impossible to leave Sri Lanka without packing on a few kilos. 

Resorts galore 

Given the country and its relationship with travel and tourism, the island is filled to the brim with resorts, hotels, hostels and other forms of accommodation so that any visitor will find somewhere comfortable to stay. If you are looking at some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka, be sure to check out the Farm Resorts for your stay. 

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